Matured women Fucked by 13 year old Guy

Woman jailed 10 months for sex with 13-year-old

In less than 6 months, there are 2 cases of woman having sex with young boys, got caught and sentenced. These are the only 2 cases in the history of Singapore. What happened, man? Why are Singaporean middle-aged women so deprived of sex?

In only the second case to be ever sentenced in Singapore, a woman was jailed 10 months for causing a boy under 16 to have sex with her.

In two weeks, the 32-year-old divorcee had sex seven times with the 13-year-old boy. Currently unemployed, she was working as a canteen stall assistant in the boy's school.

According to MY paper, the boy's mother was taking care of her 14-month-old child while the accused went to work.

He would call and message the accused on his mother's behalf, which was how they started contacting each other.

In addition to making arrangements for childcare, she expressed her interest in him, and they started having sex.

On May 17, after having sex, they were discovered by the woman's sister-in-law when she came to visit. She found the boy hiding in the closet.

The woman's elder brother, who arrived later, called the police as he suspected the boy of being a thief.

According to her psychiatric report, she was suffering from depression when it happened. She also told the doctor that they were mutually attracted to each other.

The judge found that she had taken the initiative to approach the boy, and being the older person, she should have known that her actions were wrong.

In the earlier case in February this year, a former teacher was sentenced to 10 months for having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

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